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Area Information



Our cultural identity is a constant source of pride and celebration in Humboldt County. A tribute to the frontier cattlemen and horsemen who once toiled in the Great Basin, the Buckaroo Hall of Fame and Heritage Museum houses an extensive collection of guns, saddles, hand-braided lariats, artwork and photos from the Wild West.

The Western Folklife Center in neighboring Elko hosts the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, an annual celebration of west-inspired poetry, storytelling, music and dance. Elko is also home to the National Basque Festival, an annual event featuring traditional food, music, dancing, Basque sporting exhibitions and more .

The high desert landscape surrounding Winnemucca is conducive to year-round adventure outdoors.

Located 50 miles southwest of town, Rye Patch Reservoir boasts 11,000 surface acres for fishing, boating and water-skiing. The accompanying recreation area is frequented by campers, hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Covering parts of Humboldt and Washoe Counties as well as Lake County, OR, Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge is one of the last surviving examples of a sagebrush-steppe ecosystem in the entire Great Basin. Pronghorn antelope, mule deer, sage grouse, pygmy rabbits, rare desert fish, invertebrates and migratory birds call the rugged oasis home. Visitors enjoy hunting, fishing and camping in a in this undisturbed wilderness.



The seat of Humboldt County, Winnemucca was incorporated in 1917. The town was named after a well-known, 19th-century Paiute chief who lived in the area. Part of the transcontinental line, the Central Pacific Railroad reached Winnemucca in 1868, breathing new life into the local economy. Historically a tranquil community, the peace in Winnemucca was briefly interrupted in 1900 when Butch Cassidy and his gang robbed the First National Bank of $32,645. Although no blood was shed during the heist, it remains a potent source of local controversy.


Winnemucca enjoys an average of 223 sunny days each year. Average temperatures in July climb to around 92 degrees, while January lows fall to 17. Annual rainfall is approximately eight inches, and yearly snow accumulation is a little over 16 inches.


Local students are served by the Humboldt County School District. Students can continue their education at Great Basin College Winnemucca. Humboldt General Hospital provides quality medical care to the region. Winnemucca Municipal Airport is here for your travel needs as well.

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