96195 Old Wells Ln , Lakeview, Oregon, 97630




MLS: 27013-01108

3,558 Acres



What You Should Know

  • Water Rights

  • Irrigated Pastures

  • 3558 Acres

  • 800 gpm

  • Income Producing

  • cattle

  • horse property

  • Lakeview OR

Why You'll Love It

Approximately 3558 deeded acres all in one block at the north end of Goose Lake. This ranch provides a variety of cattle feed as it includes about 1400 acres of meadow/ irrigated pasture. This land is all under certificates for the water rights from Thomas Creek. Thomas Creek runs through this property for about 2.5 miles and provides year round stock water in addition to the irrigation. At the upper end of the ranch, there is a diversion dam across the creek that diverts the water both east and west and is the main diversion to irrigate the majority of the meadows. There are four more diversion points to use, but you have to pump the water to use them. Ducks Unlimited has helped to improve the irrigation system over the last few years. these meadows are divided into seven pastures, giving the owner the ability to manage the grass better. South of the meadows in the balance of pasture land. There is some sagebrush land provides some excellent pasture as it is. There is lots of native feed and some sweet clover in areas. Some of this land gets some waste water in wetter years. As you go south closer the the lake, the land is open and a short native grass grows in this area. This dry land area of sagebrush and native grass is separated into four pastures with the use of electric fencing. The cattle in these fields have access to Thomas Creek for stock water if necessary. There is a riparian area near the lake, basically below the 4702 elevation like. As the lake goes down in the summer, the cattle can graze farther out. Electric fences can be put up as the lake goes down.
   There is an irrigation well in the east side of the property. The current owner had the well tested and is has just over 800gpm. The owner plans to pump the water into a pond and then pump it out to two hard reel big gun sprinklers to irrigate the 200 acres he currently has farmed and seeded. There are an additional 230 acres of water rights that can be used. It would be better to have another well. This is very good farm ground that is being developed.
  The owner has cleared and farmed an additional 150 to 200 acres which is ready to be seeded to barley and or grass, or to grass and kosha. This is very nice land and soils!!

Courtesy of United Country - Rogue auctioneer Stevie DeStout.

Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: 96195 Old Wells Ln
  • City: Lakeview
  • State: Oregon
  • County: Lake

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